Powerful Moments Extended DiMaggio Momentum

Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak, ran from May 15 to July 16, 1941. It began with the consisted Mindset he brought to each game.  His Mindset and focus on Preparation he brought to each game, to each at bat. The Yankees reaped many rewards from DiMaggio’s streak. 

His streak, represents Focus, Fuels, Flow!

His hitting streak began during an innocent moment, on May 15, in the first inning of a game against the Chicago White Sox, DiMaggio hit a run-scoring single. The Yankees did not score again for the rest of the contest and lost 13–1.

Let’s examine several key moments and results of his streak and the mindset of Joe by the numbers:

.408: DiMaggio hit .408 (91-for-223) during the streak with 15 home runs and 55 RBIs.

.375: He entered May 15 (the first game of the streak) with a .306 batting average. That rose to .375 after the July 16 game, the final game of the streak.

10: DiMaggio extended the streak in his final plate appearance 10 times.

54: DiMaggio faced 54 pitchers during the streak.

Entering May 15, the Yankees were 14-14, 5½ games behind the Indians for the American League lead. On the final day of the streak, they were 55-27, with a six-game lead over second-place Cleveland.

41-13: The Yankees went 41-13 during the streak (two ties).

16: DiMaggio started a 16-game hitting streak the game after the 56-game one ended. So he hit in 72 of 73 games total. In those 73 games, he had 120 hits, 20 home runs and six strikeouts.

44: The longest hitting streak since DiMaggio’s is a 44-gamer by Pete Rose in 1978.

29: The longest hitting streak by a Yankees player since DiMaggio’s streak ended is a 29-gamer by Hall of Famer Joe Gordon in 1942. Derek Jeter’s longest hitting streak was 25 games in 2006. Don Mattingly’s longest was 24 in 1986. Those are the three longest for the Yankees since DiMaggio.

61: DiMaggio, actually had one hitting streak earlier and longer than 56: He hit in 61 straight games in 1933 as a member of the Pacific Coast League’s San Francisco Seals, the second-longest hitting streak in minor league history.

On July 17, he went 0-for-3 for the Yankees against the Indians, with third baseman Ken Keltner making two nifty plays to thwart the streak.      

Moments Activate Momentum, Mindset and Preparation Elevate Performance!

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