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There are many products out there for the hoopers in your life, here is just a small list of some to consider.


Wilson Evolution Basketball

There are a lot of basketballs in the market to choose from, but the Wilson Evolution has the best feel of any ball out there. There’s something about this ball that screams “this is the game ball”. Players will love the grip, the material, the bounce and the look of this ball. 


Pumteck Electric Ball Pump

This handy pump can keep your basketball (or any type of inflatable ball) at the proper air pressure with ease. This ingenious tool is automatic, rechargeable and has an LCD screen to display the PSI.


Sleeveless Undershirt

Give the player in your life a little something to clean up their on court look. A lot of players like to wear a shirt under their jersey, but they might want to look more like the pros. 


D-Man Dummy Trainer

This basketball defender training tool can enhance your player’s training sessions by simulating a defender. By training with this tool players get used to shooting over a defender and maneuvering around the defense.


Dribble Goggles

For younger players that need to work on dribbling with their head and eyes up these goggles are a valuable training tool. They are adjustable in size so they would work well for older players too!


Weighted Training Ball

This training basketball can be used indoors or outdoors and bounces the same as a regulation ball. Working out with this ball can lead to improved dribbling, passing and stronger wrists and forearms.