Inspire Leaders, Building Champions

Take your leadership to the next level with coaching designed to help you live with purpose, lead your team, and develop others. Choose from three unique journeys! It’s YourTime!

Paths to Choose From

Elevate Your Self-Leadership

Become a developer of people! Work with our team to create a team experience focused on increasing engagement, developing new skills, and improving performance.


  • Well-Being
    Create a life plan to invest in your physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being so you can bring energy and passion to those you love, lead, and serve.
  • Personal Vision
    Create your personal purpose, convictions, and envisioned future so you can align yourself with teams and cultures that bring out your best
  • Execution
    Get clarity on your role and the true high-payoff activities that allow you to make the greatest contribution to those you lead and serve.
  • Productivity
    Create a system and structure to help you maintain focus and prioritize the right activities to be successful.
Building Champions, inspiring leaders

Elevate Your Team Leadership

This experience is designed to help you improve your effectiveness as a leader so that you can inspire your team to be high performing. If you’re looking to improve your ability to lead and influence others, this path is for you!


  • Team Mindset
    Understand how your beliefs about people and leadership drive your behaviors as a leader.
  • Team Vision
    Create a team vision that aligns and inspires your people around a shared purpose, convictions, envisioned future, and goals.
  • Engagement
    Develop a plan to help you foster a dynamic culture that brings out the best in others and creates a sense of belonging for everyone.
  • Execution
    Align your team around a simple focused plan so that together you consistently deliver extraordinary results.
Team Leadership

Elevate Your Coaching Leadership

This experience is designed to equip you to coach others within your organization. If you are looking to create an environment that brings out the best in your people while improving their leadership capacity, this experience is for you!


  • Coaching Mindset
    Identify the key beliefs that separate managers from effective coaching leaders.
  • Skills
    Develop your ability to ask great questions, actively listen, provide feedback, and leverage goals in your one-on-one meetings.
  • Conversations
    Leverage four key types of coaching conversations that will drive engagement and results with your people and teams.
  • Structure & Systems
    Deploy proven systems and structures to improve your coaching effectiveness and influence with those you coach.
Our Approach to Leadership Development
At Building Champions, we create customized coaching engagements that focus on both the beliefs and behaviors of great leadership. We guide leaders, teams, and organizations to be healthy and high-performing so they can have a greater impact on everyone they serve.